Results of 15th FIH Men’s World Cup Draw (2023/Bhubaneswar – Rourkela) – Men’s National Team “Samurai Japan” in B Group

   We announce that FIH Hockey Federation held 15th FIH Men’s World Cup draw (2023/Bhubaneswar, Rourkela) at Bhubaneswar in India from 12:00.

(Watch.Hockey Official Site at September 8, 2022)
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※ * FIH present world ranking (Select Men) [FIH Official Site]

FIH World Ranking at the date of September 8

Group A

TeamWorld Ranking
 South Africa14th

Group B

TeamWorld Ranking

Group C

TeamWorld Ranking
 New Zealand9th

Group D

TeamWorld Ranking
 India (Host)5th

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