1st Game of Friendly Matches with Korea [Japan 4 – 2 Korea] – Women’s National Team “Sakura Japan”

Women’s national team “Sakura Japan” (world ranking 11th) won Korea (world ranking 12th) by 4-2 in the 1st game of the friendly match that is held in Korea.

4 – 2

Player’s List[updated on November 3, 2022]


  • 12th min FG – #10 MF  Moe Sasaki (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)
  • 26th min FG – #15 FW  Rui Takashima (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)
  • 54th min FG – #13 FW  Yuri Nagai (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)
  • 59th min FG – #8 MF  Kana Kawaguchi (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)

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