13th-16th Preliminary Match of FIH Men’s World Cup (2023/Bhubaneswar, Rourkela) [Japan 2-3 Malaysia]- Men’s National Team “Samurai Japan”

   Men’s national team “Samurai Japan” (world ranking 16th) lost Malaysia (world ranking 11th) by 2-3 in the 13th-16th preliminary match to in the 15th FIH World Cup that is held at Bhubaneswar and Rourkela in India.

*FIH World Ranking at the date of January 10

This world cup is scheduled to be broadcast lively via Watch.Hockey [Hockey Broadcasting Site] (* A free account is needed but, watching is not free)

Game №.39 Start at 15:00 
Japan vs Malaysia
2 – 3

13th-16th Preliminary Match Official Game Record [updated on Jan 28, 2023]


  • 24th min FG – #22 MF Kaito Tanaka (Hyojito Frater Hockey Team)
  • 32th min FG – #5 MF Seren Tanaka (Gifu Asahi Club)

Final Result

  Team World Ranking World Ranking
After the Game
Champion Germany 4th 1st B
2nd Belgium 2nd 3rd B
3rd Netherlands 3rd 2nd C
4th Australia 1st 4th A
5th England 5th 5th D
6th Spain 8th 8th D
7th New Zealand 9th 10th C
8th Korea 10th 9th B
9th Argentina 7th 7th A
9th India (Host) 6th 6th D
11th South Africa 14th 14th A
11th Wales 15th 15th D
13th Malaysia 11th 11th C
13th France 12th 12th A
15th Japan 16th 19th B
15th Chile 22th 25th C

FIH World Ranking at the date of January 10 (before the game) and January 30 (after the game)

* The present world ranking (Select Men) [FIH Official Site]

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