Opening Game Result of “Japan Hockey Association 100th Anniversary International Hockey Reinforcement Match” [Japan 2-0 Canada] – Japan Men’s National Team “SAMURAI JAPAN”

The Japanese women’s national team, Samurai Japan (World Ranking: WR19), won their first match against Canada (WR16) 2-0 on the main pitch at the Oi Hockey Stadium in Shinagawa, Tokyo..

Men’s final game will be held on September 3 at 12:00. Official ambassador Yuumi Kawanishi of Tsubaki Factory is scheduled to appear from 12:00 (game 3). *FIH World Ranking as of September 2
This International Reinforced Match will be live-streamed on JHA’s official YouTube channel.

Game Result

Game Sep 2 15:30 Start
Japan vs Canada
日本国旗 2 – 0 カナダ国旗

Official Game Record


15th min PC – #2 FB Shota Yamada (Gifu Asahi Club)
55th min PC – #19 FW Ryoma Ooka (Meiji University)


POM Award:#20 FB Masaki Ohashi (LIEBE Tochigi)


Game Video


img4Q Ryoma Ooka’s dribble for his second goal.

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