Japan Women’s National Team Sakura Japan “2nd FIH Nations Cup (2024/Terrassa)” 5th Place Match [Japan 1-0 Canada] – 5th place in this year’s competition

The Japanese women’s national team, Sakura Japan (World Ranking: WR10), finished 5th at the 2nd FIH Nations Cup (2024/Terrassa) in Terrassa, Spain, with a 1-0 win over Canada (WR16) in the 5th place match.

The #19 FW Kanon Mori (Coca-Cola Red Sparks) was selected as the Player of the match.

FIH World Ranking as of June 3

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Game №.18 Estadi Marti Colomer17:30 Start
Japan vs Canada
1 – 0

Official match record of the 5th place match [Updated: 2024.6.6].

*Current FIH World Ranking (Please select Outdoor and Women) [FIH Official Website]


  • 19th min PC – #19 FW Kanon Mori (Coca-Cola Red Sparks)

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