Men’s England Quadripartite International Tournament

July 17th, 2010

Japan Hockey Association

The announcement of the Samurai Japan’s Result of the Quadripartite International Tournament in England

   Samurai Japan, who has been on Europe Tour from July 12nd to 17th, took participated in FIH-England Quadripartite International Tournament, and played against England(5th-Ranked), New Zealand(7th-Ranked) and Germany(1st-Ranked)

Game Result

  1. Japan  4-6  England
  2. Japan  4-3  New Zealand
  3. Japan  2-4  Germany
  4. Japan  2-4   New Zealand (the 3rd place match)

Final Ranking

  1. Germany
  2. England
  3. New Zealand
  4.  Japan

Game Record


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