2nd game of U21 Men’s 10th Sultan of Johor Cup (2022/Johor Baru) [Japan 2-1 England] – U21 Men’s National Team

Game No.1 17:05
Japan – Australia
Game Record

   U21 Men’s national team won England by 2-1 in the 2nd game in U21 Men’s 10th Sultan of Johor Cup 2022 that is held at Johor Baru in Malaysia. The 3rd game with India will be held at 19:05 on October 25 (Japanese local time). * This tournament provides the live broadcast  (3rd game live broadcast).

Game Result

Game No.4 17:05
Japan – England
Game Record
2            1


  • 17th min FG – #9 FW Hiro Saito (Fukui University of Technology)
  • 27th min FG – #15 FW Tsubasa Tanaka (Tenri University)

Game Video

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