Participating Countries for the London Olympics Preliminary

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Participating Countries for the London Olympics Preliminary in Japan


   FIH (International Hockey Federation) announced the 18 participating countries for the London Olympics Final Qualification (6 countries per 1 place) in the executive board at Lausanne in Switzerland. 

   In the Final Qualification, participating countries compete for the last 3 London Olympic spots except the 9 qualified countries (5 countries for the Continental Preliminary, 1 Host Country,3 Countries allocated by World Ranking), and the 12 finalists from all over the world will have been decided.

   In this preliminary, each place has a round-robin tournament and a final game where 6 teams will compete for one Olympic spot.  

   Both men and women national team will participate for the Final Qualification at Gifu Green Stadium from 25 April to 6 May in 2012 for the purpose of both participations in the Olympics.

   In addition, other preliminary rounds are held at India, Ireland, and Belgium.


Participating Countries in Japan Preliminary Round ( ) is the world rank

Men Women
  • Spain (4)
  • Japan (15)
  • China (16)
  • Austria (21)
  • Czechoslovakia (23)
  • Cuba (39)
  • Japan (9)
  • Azerbaijan (15)
  • Chile (17)
  • Belarus (22)
  • Malaysia (23)
  • Torinidad and Tobago (35)

London Olympics Final Qualification – Participating Countries Allocation


Countries Qualified for the London Olympics (Reference)

   9 countries for both men and women have been already qualified

Men Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Germany, England, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa
Women Argentina, Australia, China, Germany, England, Korea,the Netherlands, the United States


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