Sakura Japan Qualified for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics!

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Sakura Japan Qualified for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics!


To the press,

   As same as the title, women’s hockey national team “Sakura Japan” has been qualified for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Today, the letter “Japan” was posted in the website of International Hockey Federation with the result of the Oceania Cup in New Zealand.

   Now, the workout of “New Sakura Japan (Women’s Senior Hockey National Team) has been held in Gifu Green Stadium, but the comments from players and a head coach was delivered.

Yuji Nagai (Head Coach)

   The mission when I was appointed as Head Coach, was to get the berth for Rio de Janeiro Olympics for Japanese hockey in the future. This time, the qualification process for the Olympics is a little difficult to understand, but we saved the 6th ranking in the World League Semifinal in Belgium and fixed the qualification for the Olympics. It is your great support and players’ efforts that brought this results in spite of no time and activities.

Miyuki Nakagawa (Captain when World League Semifinal)

   We finished the 6th in the World League Semifinal and this rank is under the line of Olympic berth. However, we are really happy to get the qualification for the Olympic and promise to practice more till the Olympic in order to bring good news to Japan.


   Japan Hockey Association plans to hold the press conference below the schedule.

Press Conference – Sakura Japan got the qualification for the Rio Olympic

Date 1:30 – 2:30 PM, 2015
Place Kishi Memorial Hall 1th Floor
1-1-1 Jinnan Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 150-8050
Participants Sakura Japan Players and Head Coach
Association Officials

We appreciate if you notice your attendance due to the preparation of a conference room.

to Yasuo Nakamura of Japan Hockey Association

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