Press Conference for Sakura Japan (To News Media)

A corporate judicial person:
Japan Hockey Association

Press Conference for Sakura Japan

   We’re glad to hear that things are going well for you and would like to express our thanks for your loyal patronage.

   We hold a press conference below.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Date 13:00-14:00pm on 14th June, 2012

*After a press conference, we hold a personal interview.
In case of many applications, we hold the interview together or shorten the
interview time allotted for each company.
*  If you wish to apply for a personal interview, please let us know the players you
would like to interview with.
Place Sports Man Club at 1st Floor in Kishi Memorial Hall
Content   “Challenge for the London Olympics medal!”
                 – Announcement for the 16 members of 2012 London Olympics
                 – Training Camp for Sakura Japan
                    (practice at the field as the same spec as the London Olympics)
(Japan Hockey Association)
  Women’s Build-Up Chief Officer ; Hide Yokoyama
         (National Team)
                 Sakura Japan Head Coach ; Zenjiro Yasuda
                 Sakura Japan 16 players

  If you wish to apply for the press conference, please send us your participation form below.

 Application Form



For any other queries, please contact the undersigned directly.

Japan Hockey Association Officials 

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