Sakura Japan Traiding Cards Available for Sale from June 30th

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Japan Hockey Association

BBM Women’s National Team Traiding Cards Available for Sale from June 30th 

   We announce that a set of Sakura Japan Cards 2012 will be sold from June 30th by Baseball Magazine Sha that published baseball trading cards. 

    The set includes 20 women’s national team members’ cards (2 kinds of 1 player = 40 kinds total). In addition, each box has one special card with signature or with sandwiching uniform fragment of Rika Komazawa or Kaori Fujio.


Trade Name : BBM Women’s Hockey National Team – A Set of Sakura Japan Cards 2012

 Price : 3,990 yen (tax included) Limited sets : 3000 sets (41 cards included)

  20 players: Asano Sachiyo, Nagisa Hayashi, Akemi Kato, Sachimi Iwao,Miyuki Nakagawa, Ai Murakami,  Shiho Otsuka, Yukari Yamamoto, Aki Mitsuhashi, Rika Komazawa, Kaori Fujio,  Akane Shibata, Chie Akutsu, Keiko Manabe, Mika Imura, Masako Sato, Ryoko Oie, Izuki Tanaka, Mazuki Arai, Yuri Nagai



Baseball Magazine Sha receives a call for orders (Deadline : June 30). A set of cards will be sent to you freight collect with a service charge (200 yen) and with free shipping. In the case of the cards runnnig out of stock, we apologize for not acceptance for orders.

Reservation (Deadline: June 30)

Baseball Magazine Sha – Order Reception Center TEL +81-25-780-1231
[Order time]Mon-Fri 10:00~12:00 / 13:00~17:00(except Holidays)





For any other queries, please contact the undersigned directly.

Japan Hockey Association Officials 

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