Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013 – 3rd day result (2nd section)

Hockey Japan League

Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013 – 3rd day result (2nd section)

   We announce the 3rd day result of the 2nd section in Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013.

Men’s Japan League – Game Results

Game No.13 11:30  at Toyama
Yamanashi Gakuin OCTOBER EAGLES – Shinryo
5 4 (1st) 2
1 (2nd) 1
  • 8th min: Shinryo FW #16 Sato opened the scoring with his touched-shot by responding to the hit into a circle.
  • 9th min: Yamanashi FW #4 Oie scored an equalizer.
  • 10th min: Yamanashi MF #9 Harada scored to turn the game.
  • 16th min: Yamanashi MF #7 Murata scored in a PS.
  • 20nd min: Yamanashi MF #9 Harada sloth the loose ball from a PC to pull Shinryo away.
  • 32nd min: Shinryo FW #10 Sato started dribbling at the 25 yard line and dribbled past GK to score.
  • 46th min: Shinryo FW #9 Yokota cut the lead by his reversed-hit.
  • 69th min: Yamanashi FB #14 Matsumoto got a goal to decide the game.
Game No.14 13:10  at Toyama
ALDER Hanno – Tokyo University of Agriculture
6 2 (1st) 0
4 (2nd) 0
  • 15th min: ALDER #14 Kaneuchi hit towards a goal from a free hit at the 25 yard and #18 touched the hit into the net.
  • 20nd min: ALDER #11 Kitazato dribbled and passed to #22 Kusano in a circle. #22 Kusano held a ball and passed back to #11 Kitazato. #11 Kitazato scored  beautifully by his sweep-shot.
  • 39th min: ALDER #14 Kaneuchi passed to #11 Kitazato in the scramble of the circle top. #11 Kitazato made a goal by his reversed-shot.
  • 41st min: ALDER #11 Kitazato scored by his sweep-shot in a PC to make the lead by 4 goals.
  • 61st min: ALDER #17 Ito passed at the center line and #9 Fukushima who received that pass, made a reversed-shot into a net.
  • 62nd min: ALDER #17 Ito passed to #18 Akutsu. #18 Akutsu dribbled past GK and scored to finish the game by 6-0.


Game No.15 14:50  at Toyama
Oyabe RED OX – Hosei University
1 1 (1st) 0
0 (2nd) 1
  • 15th min: Oyabe dribbled from the left side and FW Takamura passed to the front of the goal. Then, DF #15 Shimizu touched the pass into a goal.
  • the 1st half: Driven by that goal, offense and defense got hard and Hosei #15 and #11 got a yellow card.
  • 43rd min: To the loose ball from PC chance, MF #1 Furukawa responded and made a reversed-shot to tie the game.


Game No.16 11:30  at Nara
Ritumeikan University Hollys– Gifu Asahi Club (BLUE DEVILS)
2 1 (1st) 1
1 (2nd) 0
  • 19th min: Ritumeikan got a PC and #11 Mori made his dynamic flick shot into the right upper of the goal to open the scoring.
  • 33rd min: Gifu #2 Momonari made a sharp flick shot into the right upper of the goal.
  • 57th min: Ritumeikan #16 Ochiai who received a ball in the left side of the Gifu’s position, passed to #19 Miura who positioned in the front of the goal. Miura made a touched shot into the left side of the goal to make the score 2-1.
  • Ritumaikan won 3 consecutive games from the opening game with getting 9 points.


Game No.17 13:10  at Nara
Fukui Club – Selrio Shimane
4 1 (1st) 0
3 (2nd) 1
  • 16th min: It was Fukui that got the first PC chance. #5 Kawabata made his flick shot into the right bottom of the goal.
  • 24th min: Shimane got a PC, but could not make advantage of it.
  • 58th min: Fukui #13 Kobayashi passed from the right side of a circle to #9 Tomiyama who was coming to the front of the goal. Tomiyama pushed the pass into the goal to make an additional goal.
  • 64th min: Fukui got a PC chance, and #2 Tamekuni who was top goal scorer last year, made his dynamic flick shot into the left upper of the goal.
  • 67th min: Shimane #21 Takahashi made a sweep-shot into the right bottom of the goal to make the score 3-1.
  • Just before the end of the game: Fukui #10 Mitsutani who used to be a national player, scored by his sharp reversed shot at 4-1.


Game No.18 14:50  at Nara
Nagoya Frater Hockey Team – Tenri University Bears
4 2 (1st) 0
2 (2nd) 0
  • It was Nagoya that opened the scoring. Nagoya’s attack from the right side made Tenri’s foul. #10 Yamabe quickly restarted and passed to #12 Yoshihara. Yoshihara dribbled past Tenri’s DFs and made a goal in the left side of the net.
  • 26th min: Nagoya #5 Nakayama hit a ball from the right side to the front of the goal. Then, Tenri #5 Iwata touched the ball, which was a own goal by adapting to the new rule from this season.
  • 55th min: Nagoya #12 Yoshihara intercepted a ball in Tenri’s circle, and passed to #9 Fujimoto waiting a pass. Fujimoto directly scored in the left side of the goal to make the score 3-0.
  • 62nd min: Nagoya exploited Tenri’s gap and made an additional goal that decided the game. Nagoya won the game by 4-0.


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