Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013 – 4th day result (2nd section)

Hockey Japan League

Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013 – 4th day result (2nd section)

   We announce the 4th day result of the 2nd section in Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013.

Men’s Japan League – Game Results

Game No.19 10:00  at Toyama
Yamanashi Gakuin OCTOBER EAGLES – Hosei University
5 0 (1st) 1
2 (2nd) 0
  • 10th min: Hosei got a PC and #14 Yasui shot. Yamanashi GK #1 Imamura showed his fine save, but Hosei #21 Hosoda slot the rebound directly by his reversed-shot into the upper of the net.
  • 57th min: Yamanashi #14 Matsumoto dribbled speedy along the line of the left side and passed to #24 Anai. Once it was blocked by Hosei DFs, but the rebound was shot into the bottom of the goal.
  • 64th min: Yamanashi #7 Murata who received a ball at the top of the circle, dribbled skillfully past DFs and scored by his reversed-shot into the bottom of the goal to turn the game around.
Game No.20 11:40  at Toyama
ALDER Hanno – Shinryo
4 1 (1st) 0
3 (2nd) 0
  • 14th min: It was ALDER that opened the scoring. ALDER attacked by passing widely and got a PC. #11 Kitazato scored by his flick shot.
  • After that, both ALDER and Shinryo had 3 PC chances in the 1st half, but could not score.
  • 53rd min: ALDER #6 Uramae’s well directed shot extended the lead by 2-0.
  • 69th min & 70th min: ALDER got additional goals by #22 Kusano’s touched-shot and #6 Uramae’s shot into the left bottom of the goal from PC.


Game No.21 13:20  at Toyama
Tokyo University of Agriculture – Oyabe RED OX
2 1 (1st) 0
1 (2nd) 4
  • 20th min: Tokyo AGR restarted quickly from a free hit at 23 yard line and #17 Seshima dribbled and passed to the circle. #9 Goshima touched the pass with reversed-side of his stick to get the first goal.
  • 37th min: RED OX  #6 Kawai scored an equalizer by his dynamic flick shot.
  • 46th min: REDOX #2 Miyata dribbled from the right side and passed to the circle. #19 Tsubouchi shot direclty to get additional goal.
  • 52nd min & 55th min: REDOX got 2 additional goals by #6 Kawai’s flick shot from a PC and #10 Hayata’s dribbling from a quick restart and hit-shot.
  • Tokyo AGR also had a chance of PC, but could not get a goal.
  • 64th min: Tokyo AGR #26 Iwasaki scored by his touched-shot, but the game ended by 4-2 with REDOX win.


Game No.22 10:00  at Nara
Gifu Asahi Club (BLUE DEVILS) – Selrio Shimane
6 3 (1st) 0
3 (2nd) 1
  • 9th min: Gifu #27 Mori passed to #10 Hattori who was coming around Shimane’s circle from the left side. Hattori dribbled sharply past Shimane’s DFs and made his hit-shot into the right bottom of the goal.
  • 11st min: Gifu drew Shimane’s foul from a PC and got a PS chance. #27 Mori scored at 2-0.
  • 24th min: Shimane #2 Momonari touched a pass from the right side into the net and finished the 1st half at 3-0.
  • 38th min: Shimane got foul from Gifu’s DFs in the circle and got a PS chance. #21 Takahashi got a goal at 3-1.
  • 44th min: Gifu launched a counterattack and #27 Mori and #6 Takashima’s quick passing led Shimane’s DFs around by the nose. Finally, Takashima who was running into the front of the goal, slot the pass into the net to decide the game.
  • 66th min: Gifu showed a quick restart and exploited Shimane’s gap and scored.
  • 69th min: Gifu got a goal to finish the game by 6-1.


Game No.22 11:40  at Nara
Nagoya Frater Hockey Team – Fukui Club
8 5 (1st) 1
3 (2nd) 1
  • It was Fukui that showed their fierce attack. #10 Mitsutani dribbled into the circle sharply from the right side and passed to #7 Watanabe who was waiting for a pass. Watanabe slot a ball into the left bottom of the goal to break the ice.
  • 10th min: #20 Ono passed to #11 Kawakami from the right side and the ball touched by Kawakami was hit directly by #17 Tachibana into the net.
  • 15th min: #12 Yoshihara dribbled into the circle from the left side and passed to #6 Kawauchi who was comming to the front of the goal. Kawauchi pushed the ball into the goal to turn the game around.
  • Nagoya who rode the upward wave, scored in a row and the first half ended by 5-1.
  • 39th min: Nagoya who kept attacking, #12 Yoshihara passed to #2 Kawakami who was running to the right side of the goal, which made Kawakami’s goal of his toucheds-shot.
  • After that, Nagoya piled on scores at 8-1.
  • 54th min: Fukui who desired one goal, got a PC and #2 Tamekuni scored by his flick shot, but game ended by 8-2 with Nagoya’s win.


Game No.24 13:20  at Nara
Ritumeikan University Hollys – Tenri University Bears
2 0 (1st) 2
2 (2nd) 1
  •  21st min: It was Tenri that broke the ice. #6 Ochiai who received a pass around the circle from a beautiful passing,  passed to #16 Ozawa who was waiting for a pass at the left side of the goal. Ozawa pushed the pass into the left bottom of the net.
  • 28th min: Tenri #30 Sakamoto who received a hit pass from SW #2 Zendana around the center of the field, dribbled sharply past Ritumeikan DFs and scored by his reversed-shot at 2-0.
  • 42nd min: A ball hit into Ritumeikan’s circle was responded by #6 Ochiai. Ochiai made a goal into the right bottom of the goal to make use of GK’s pressure.。
  • 47th min: Ritumeikan who wants to catch up,  hit a ball into Tenri’s circle, which caused Tenri DF’s receiving mistake, and #10 Ueda responded to it and made his diving shot into the net.
  • 62nd min: Ritumeikan got a PC and #11 Mori scored by his dynamic flick shot into the right bottom of the goal.
  • After that, Ritumeikan showed their fierce attack, but Tenri kept the lead and won the game by 3-2.


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