Men’s National Team – the 2nd Game of the World League Round 2

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Result of the 2nd game of FIH World League Round 2 (2013 / Elektrostal) – Men’s National Team (Samurai Japan)

   Japan national team (world rank 16th) won Egypt (world rank 24th) by 3-1 in the 2nd game of the world league round 2. Japan now keeps top with the record of 2 wins and 6 points. The 3rd game with Czech Republic (world rank 21st) will be held at 21:15 on May 30 (Japanese time).

Game Result

Game No.5 Opening Game (21:15- May 28)
Japan– Egypt
  3 3 (1st) 0
0 (2nd) 1


  • 9th min (1st half) : Ryohei Kawakami – FG (Free Goal)
  • 16th min (1st half) : Heita Yoshihara – FG 
  • 35th min (1st half) : Manabu Hatakeyama – PC (Penalty Corner) 


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