Men’s National Team – the 3rd Game of the World League Round 2

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Result of the 3rd game of FIH World League Round 2 (2013 / Elektrostal) – Men’s National Team (Samurai Japan)

   Japan national team (world rank 16th) won Czech Republic (world rank 21st) by 3-0 in the 3rd game of the world league round 2. Japan now keeps top with the record of 3 consecutive wins and 9 points. If Japan wins the next game, they will be qualified for the semifinal.The 4th game with Russia (world rank 20th) will be held at 20:00 on June 1 (Japanese time) to aim for the top in the Round 2.

   At the end of the 3rd day, Egypt and Czech Republic lost in the Round 2.

Game Result

Game No.8 Opening Game (21:15- May 30)
Japan– Czech Republic
  3 1 (1st) 0
2 (2nd) 0


  • 6th min (1st half) : Yasuhiro Nakayama – PC (Penalty Corner)
  • 29th min (1st half) : Kei Kawakami – FG (Free Goal)
  • 30th min (1st half) : Yasuhiro Nakayama – FG 


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