Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013 – Final & 3rd place match(Playoff) – Nagoya Frater Hockey Team won the Championship

Hockey Japan League

Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013 – Final & 3rd place match (Playoff)

   We announce the final and 3rd place match result of the playoff in Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013.

In the final, Nagoya Frater Hockey Team beat Tenri University Bears by 2-1 to take the 8th championship in 4 years.

In the 3rd place match, Ritumeikan University Hollys won Gifu Asahi Club (BLUE DEVILS). 

Men’s Japan League – Game Results

Game No.71 11:00  at Gifu A
Gifu Asahi Club (BLUE DEVILS) – Ritumeikan University Hollys
1 0 (1st) 2
1 (2nd) 3
  • 4th min: Asahi got a PC, but could not get a goal.
  • 10th min: Ritumeikan #1 Horitani slot a ball into a goal in the scramble of the goal front.
  • 27th min: Asahi got their 2nd PC, but it was saved by Ritumei fineldy.
  • 35th min: Ritumeikan #8 Tanaka who received a pass around the circle top, made an additional goal by his sweeping shot.
  • From the beginning of the 2nd half, the game went on with Asahi’s pace.
  • 44th min: Asahi #8 Yokoyama slot the rebound from Ritumeikan GK into a goal to cut the lead by 1 goal.
  • After that, Asahi tried to get more goal,but could not score. On the contrary, Ritumeikan was getting a pace of the game.
  • 57th min: Ritumeikan #9 Ohashi scored by his touched shot in the right side.
  • 62nd min: Ritumeikan #11 Mori touched a pass from #8 Tanaka into a goal to extend the lead by 3 goals.
  • 69th min: Ritumeikan #11 Mori was keeping possession of a ball and finally made his reversed shot into a goal.
  • Asahi attacked aggressively till the end of the game, but Ritumeikan won the game by 1-5 to secure the 3rd place of Japan League.


Game No.72 13:00  at Gifu A
Nagoya Frater Hockey Team – Tenri University Bears
2 0 (1st) 1
2 (2nd) 0
  • 13rd min: Tenri #6 Ochiai dribbled from the left side and scored from almost zero degree by his pushed shot.
  • 15th min: Nagoya got a PC, but it was saved by Tenri GK#1 Igawa’s fine save.
  • 27th&32nd min: Tenri and Naogya got PCs, but both team blocked them physically not to let a goal any more.
  • In the beginning of the 2nd half, Nagoya showed their fierce attack.
  • 49th min: Nagoya #14 Nagasawa made his touched shot, but Tenri GK #1 Igawa showed his 2nd fine save.
  • 56th min: Nagoya #4 Ono scored by his reversed shot to tie the score by 1-1.
  • 70th min: As it seemed that the game went into the second stanza, Nagoya #9 Fujimoto touched the pass from #22 Daimon into the left upper of the goal.
  • This was the final goal to make Nagoya win the championship. This is their 4 championship in 8 years.


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