Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014 – 12nd day result (5th section)

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Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014 – 12nd day result (5th section)

   We announce the 12nd day result of the 5th section in Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014.

Women’s Japan League – Game Results

Official Game Record

Game No.45 12:00  at Tochigi
Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies – Tenri University Bears
7 3 (1st) 0
4 (2nd) 0
  • 1st min: Sony got a PC, but it was saved finely by GK.
  • 4th min: Sony got a PC again and #4 Sakai opened the score by her flick shot.
  • 7th min: Sony #20 Yamamoto who responded to a pass from 23m line, made an additional goal by her touched shot.
  • 15th min: Sony #3 Oikawa passed to #10 Nakashima from a center line and she made a goal by her hit shot from 45 degree in the right side.
  • Tenri who cannot deal with Sony’s press from the front line, could not get a goal in the 1st half.
  • 42nd min: Sony #10 Nakashima received a pass at a circle top, and dribbled into the circle and made a goal by her reversed shot into the right bottom of the goal.
  • 56th min: Sony got a PC and in the 2nd chance, #3 Oikawa scored by her flick shot.
  • 64th min: Sony got a PC and #10 Nakashima slot the rebound from #3 Oikawa’s flick into the net.
  • 69th min: Sony launched an offense from the right side and in the last, #4 Sakai pushed a ball into the goal.
  • Sony kept offense in the opponent position and won the game by a big margin.


Official Game Record

Game No.46 14:00  at Tochigi
Glaxo Smith Kline Orange United – Ritumeikan University Hollys
4 2 (1st) 1
2 (2nd) 1
  • 3rd min: Ritumei passed to each other inside the circle and #6 Hatano slot the rebound from a cleared ball into the net.
  • 7th min: Glaxo got a PC, but it was saved finely by GK.
  • 11st min: Glaxo #8 Katamine received a rebound and #11 Shibata who stayed at the circle top, made a goal by her hit shot.
  • 18th min: Glaxo got a PC and #4 Yamanaka made a goal to turn the game around.
  • 51st min: Ritumei got a PC and #2 Sasaki swept a ball and then, #15 Kasamaru succeeded a diving touch to even the score.
  • 57th min: Glaxo #3 Banda scored by her hit shot to make the score 3-2.
  • 61st min: #7 Kitsunezuka intercepted a ball and dribbled past GK and made an additional goal.
  • Finally, Glaxo won the game by 3-2.



Official Game Record

Game No.47 12:00  at Yamanashi
Tokai Gakuin University – Nanto Ginko SHOOTING STARS
0 0 (1st) 0
0 (2nd) 3
  • Both team went back and forth at each other and both team did not let the opponent score.
  • It was Nanto that got the first PC chance by #15 Komori, but it was blocked by Tokai’s hard defense.
  • Both team launched offense, but they do not lead to a goal and the 1st half ended without any goals.
  • In the 2nd half, the game went on with Nanto’s pace.
  • 39th & 41st min: Nanto #4 Katori and #7 Hirahara scored in a row.
  • For its part, Tokai showed aggressive offense, but could not break Nanto’s hard defense.
  • Just 1 min before the end of the game, Nanto #5 Katsuyama made a goal by her hit shot and the game ended by 0-3 with Nanto’s win.


Official Game Record

Game No.48 14:00  at Yamanashi
Yamanashi Gakuin CROWNING GLORIES – Coca Cola West Red Sparks
1 1 (1st) 2
0 (2nd) 3
  • 6th min: Yamanashi got a PC and #4 Kongo made a goal into the right bottom of the goal.
  • 31st min: CCWR #9 Arai received a pass inside a circle and made a reversed shot to even the score by 1-1.
  • Just after that, CCWR got a PC and made an additional goal to turn the game around by 1-2.
  • the 2nd half started and the game saw a seesaw match.
  • 44th & 47th min: CCWR got PCs in a row and made a goal by a hit shot.
  • Yamanashi who wanted to catch up, made a quick offense to aim for a goal, but could not get into the circle.
  • 54th & 55th min: CCWR got 2 consecutive PCs, but #3 Sasaki made fine saves on them.
  • 62nd min: CCWR #13 Kato made an additional goal by her pushed shot.
  • The game ended as it was and CCWR won the game by 1-5.


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