Results of Workout for “New Samurai Japan = Senior Men’s National Team”

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Results of Workout for “New Samurai Japan = Senior Men’s National Team”  


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   Thank you for your help all the time.

   Based on the results of Asian Games, men’s Hockey National Team “Samurai Japan” organized a new team that aims for over the 3rd ranking in World League Round 2 that will be held in Singapore in next March and the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Berth after that. 

   We held a workout for ”New Samurai Japan = Senior Men’s National Team”in Fukui from October 7 to 9 and determined A and B national team members as per the attached document. Based on Tokyo 2020 Target Age Implementation Guideline 2014, this workout provides each generation chances to be selected as a new national team member and in fact, fresh players were selected.

   Above all, it is worth of remark that one high school student is selected as a senior A representative and also 3 high school students are selected as senior B representatives. In addition, the national members may be changed as the gate to national teams is open widely to players who could not show their potential or participate in this workout due to some reasons. For those players, please keep your hope to join Samurai Japan in the future.

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