TV Broadcast (Oct 19,22,29) – Fuji Television – “V Meshi! Japan” – Motomi Kawamura

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Japan Hockey Association

TV Broadcast – TV Tokyo
“Mirai No Tsukurikata”

   We announce that the program featuring Motomi Kwamura from U-21 Women’s National Team will be broadcast in “V Meshi! Japan” in Fuji Television.


Fuji Television

Program V Meshi! Japan

10:54- September 18, 2014  – Mayumi Ono (Sakura Japan)
10:54- October 2, 2014 – Aki Mitsuhashi (Sakura Japan)

  • Fuji Television (Kanto) 
    11:45~11:50, Oct 19, 2014
  • Tokai Television, Kansai Television 
    21:54~22:00, Oct 22, 2014
  • BS Fuji
    22:55~23:00, Oct 29, 2014

“Motomi Kawamura” (Hockey)

An up and coming hockey player who scored 10 goals in theYouth Olympic.Hot player in hockey,
She will talk about her enthusiasm as one of national team members.
The program will introduce her “V meshi (Victory meals)” that empowers her dream.

  • Please note that the airdate is subject to change for some reasons.

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