Live Broadcast of Exhibition Match with Korea

Japan Hockey Association 

Live Broadcast of Exhibition Match with Korea

   Women’s national team “Sakura Japan” is holding a training camp for Rio de Janeiro Olympic. This time, Korean women’s  national team visited Japan on a short notice to hold a exhibition match with Sakura Japan. Please enjoy this live broadcast with Asian rival Korea national team! 

Live Schedule

  • Date: Februrary 20
  • Place: Ritumeikan Hollys Stadium
               OIC Field F Dept. Ibaragi Campus Ritumeikan University, 
               2-150 Iwakura Town, Ibaragi City, Osaka-fu, 567-8570
               8 min walk from Ibaragi Sta., 13rd min walk from Hankyu Ibaragi Sta., 8 min walk from Osaka Monorail Unobe Sta.
  • Time: 15:00-16:30
  • Match-up: Sakura Japan (WR 10th) vs. Korea (WR 9th)
  • Admission Fee: Free



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