1st Game Result of Test Matches with Argentina [Japan 2 – 2 Argentina] – Women’s National Team “Sakura Japan”


There are few days to open the Olympic Games. Women’s national team is in their final stage of the training camp, and today, they had a test game with Argentina that  is in advanced training camps.

Japan vs. Argentina

Place: Sakaimachi Hockey Field at Sakai-machi in Sashima-gun in Ibaraki Prefecture

 1st game of Test Matches Start at 11:45
Japan (WR 13th) vs Argentina (WR 2nd)
2 1Q 1-1
2Q 0-1
3Q 1-0
4Q 0-0



For any other queries, please contact the undersigned directly.

Japan Hockey Association Officials (Sakamoto, Umemoto)

JAPAN SPORT OLYMPIC SQUARE, 4-2 Kasumigaoka-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0013

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