3rd game of U21 Men’s 10th Sultan of Johor Cup (2022/Johor Baru) [Japan 1-5 India] – U21 Men’s National Team

   U21 Men’s national team lost India by 1-5 in the 3rd game in U21 Men’s 10th Sultan of Johor Cup 2022 that is held at Johor Baru in Malaysia. The 4th game with South Africa will be held at 21:35 on October 26 (Japanese local time). * This tournament provides the live broadcast  (4th game live broadcast).

Game Result

Game No.8 19:05
Japan – India
Game Record
1            5


  • 15+th min PC – #1 MF Ikumi Saeki (Fukui University of Technology)

Game Video

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