AHF Asian Hockey Federation Announces Executive Personnel Changes

To whom it may concern

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation with the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF).

We are pleased to report that the General Assembly of the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) was held in Mungyeong City, Korea, and the election of officers was held.


Honorary President: Daishi Yoshida (current Honorary President of the Japan Hockey Association (JHA))

President: Fumio Ogura (current AHF President and FIH Director)

Senior Vice President: Shu Yokoyama (former Vice President of JHA)

Treasurer: Satoshi Kondo (currently Vice President, JHA Business Division)

Ordinary Member: Hiroya Anzai (current FIH Director and JHA International Director)


All of them will serve until the AHF General Assembly in 2026.

Mr. Yoji Ibuki (former Executive Director of JHA, International Committee Chairman) retired from the Board of Directors at the General Assembly due to the expiration of his term of office.

Please contact the following address for media requests and inquiries regarding this matter.


Japan Hockey Association Officials
Sakamoto, Yoshimitsu

JAPAN SPORT OLYMPIC SQUARE, Kasumigaoka 4-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 160-0013

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