Japan Men’s National Team Samurai Japan 19th Asian Games (2023/Hangzhou) Final Result [Japan 1-5 India] – Runner-up in the Tournament

Japan’s men’s national team, the Samurai Japan (World Ranking: WR19), finished the tournament as runner-up, losing 1-5 to India (WR3) in the final match held in Hangzhou, China.

The winner of this tournament will qualify for the Paris Olympics.

FIH World Ranking as of September 21

Game Result

Game №.38 Gongshu Canal Sports Park Stadium 19:30 Start
Japan vs India
1 – 5

Final Game Official Game Record [updated on October 6, 2023]


  • 51th min PC – #5 MF Seren Tanaka (Gifu Asahi Club)

Final Results and Participating Countries

Team World Ranking World Ranking
After the Tournament
Champion  India 3rd 3rd A
2nd  Japan 19th 15th A
3rd  Korea 12th 12th B
4th  China (Host) 28th 22th B
5th  Pakistan 15th 16th A
6th  Malaysia 10th 10th B
7th  Oman 27th 28th B
8th  Bangladesh 29th 29th A
9th  Indonesia 60th 47th B
10th  Uzbekistan 66th 76th A
11th  Thailand 54th 69th B
12th  Singapore 47th 87th A

FIH World Ranking as of September 21 (before the tournament) and as of October 7 (after the tournament)

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