Japan Women’s National Team Sakura Japan “19th Asian Games (2023/Hangzhou)” Semifinal Result [Japan 2-2 (SO 3-4 ) South Korea] – Advance to 3rd Place Match

The Japanese women’s national team, Sakura Japan (World Ranking: WR10), lost 1-2 to India (WR7) in the third-place match in Hangzhou, China, finishing fourth in the tournament.

FIH World Ranking as of September 21

Game Result

Game №.26 Gongshu Canal Sports Park Stadium 17:00 Start
Japan vs India

1 – 2

3rd Place Match Official Game Record [updated on October 7, 2023]


  • 30+Th min PC – #9 FW Yuri Nagai (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)

Final Result and Participating Countries and Regions

  Team World Ranking World Ranking
After the Tournament
Champion  China (Host) 11位 10th B
2nd  Korea 12th 12th A
3rd  India 7th 7th A
4th  Japan 10th 11th B
5th  Malaysia 19th 19th A
6th  Thailand 30th 27th B
7th  Singapore 34th 32th A
8th  Kazakhstan 35th 35th B
9th  China Hong Kong 36th 36th A
10th  Indonesia 69th 75th B


FIH World Ranking as of September 21 (before the tournament) and as of October 7 (after the tournament)

*Current FIH World Ranking (Please select Women) [FIH Official Website]

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