3rd Game Result of 7th Asian Champions Trophy (2023/Ranchi) [Japan 4-0 Thailand] – Japan Women’s National Team “SAKURA JAPAN”

The Japanese women’s national team, Sakura Japan (World Ranking: WR11), won the third round of the 7th Asian Champions Trophy (2023/Ranchi) Ranchi, India, against Thailand (WR29) 4-0 to take the lead with three wins (nine points).

The fourth match will be played against India (WR7) on November 1 at 00:00 (Japan time, midnight on October 31).

FIH World Ranking as of October 26

Game Result

Game №.8 India 21:45 Start
Japan vs Thailand
4 – 0

3rd Game Official Game Record [updated on October 31, 2023]


  • 29th min FG – #21 FW Mai Toriyama (Nanto Ginko SHOOTING STARS)
  • 34th min FG – #9 FW Yuri Nagai (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)
  • 35th min FG – #25 DF Kana Urata (Coca Cola Red Sparks)
  • 50th min PC – #15 DF Chiko Fujibayashi (Coca Cola Red Sparks)

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