New Head Coach for Samurai Japan and Sakura Japan

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Announcement for the New Head Coach for Samurai Japan and Sakura Japan 

   We announce that  the new head coach for each Sakura Japan and Samurai Japan is decided. After the London Olympic, the position had been not fixed, but this time, the new head coach has been assigned for each men’s national team and women’s national team.

Women’s Head Coach Yoo Seung Jin
Men’s Head Coach Kang Keun Wook

   Japan Hockey Association has assigned them as Head Coach until the Rio de Janeiro Olympic in 2016. However, it will be changed due to the results of the Asia Game in 2014.

The carrers of Mr. Yoo Seung Jina and Mr. Kang Keun Wook are as below.

Women’s National Team – Head Coach
Yoo Seung Jin

(1) Birth Born on 20 January in 1969
(2) Education Background Completed Master’s Degree at Chukyo University Graduate School
(3) Players’ Carrer Korea National team from 1985 to 1996
(4) Records ● Olympic
 10th in Seoul(1988) / 5th in Atlanta (1966)
● World Cup
 8th in Sydney (1994)
● Other Games
・ Asia Game
 Champion in Seoul (1986) / Champion in Hiroshima (1994)
・Hyojito Hockey Team
 Japan National Champion (3 times) / Japan National Amateur Champion (5 times)
(5) Coach’s Carrer Manager in Hyojito Hcokey Team (Oct 1996 – May 2000)
Coach in Japan Men’s National Team (Oct 1996 – March 2000)
Manager in China Tianjin Hockey Team (Feb 2001 – Nov 2001)
Manager in Jiangsu Women’s Hockey Team (Apr 2002 – Oct 2005)
Women’s Manager in Tenri University (Jan 2006 – 2007)
Head Coach in Japan Women’s National Team (May 2006 – Aug 2008)
Manager in Coca Cola West Red Sparks (2008- the present)
(6) Qualification Completed FIH Coaching Courses in 2011

Men’s National Team – Head Coach
Kang Keun Wook

(1) Birth Born on May 21 in 1971
(2) Education Background Completed Master’s Degree at Korea National Sport University on Feburary in 2007
(3) Player’s Carrer Korea National Team from 1992 – 2002
(4) Records

● Olympic
 5th in Seoul(1996) / Silver medal in Sydney (2000)
● World Cup
・8th in Sydney (1994) / 7th in Utrecht (1998)
・4th in Kuala Lumpur (2002)
● Other Games
・Asia Cup
  Champion in Hiroshima (1993) / Champion in KL (1998)
・Asia Game
  Champion in Hiroshima (1994) / Champion in Pusan (2002)

(5) Coach Carrer Malaysia Jr. Youth Coach (2004 – 2005)
Women’s Head Coach at Korea National Sport University (2006 – 2009)
Head Coach in Women’s Korea National Team (2009 – 2011)
Head Coach in Men’s Japan National Team (May 2011 – May 2012)
(6) Qualification Completed JOC National Coach Academy
FIH High Performance Coach – Korea Athletic Coach Qualification (top level)

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