Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014 – 9th day result (4th section)

Hockey Japan League

Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014 – 9th day result (4th section)

   We announce the 9th day result of the 4th section in Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014.

Women’s Japan League – Game Results

Official Game Record

Game No.33 13:00  at Tochigi
Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies – Tokai Gakuin University
3 2 (1st) 0
1 (2nd) 0
  • Due to heavy rain, the game started for 30 minutes delay.
  • In the beginning, Sony who showed a speedy offense, made some free shots and developed the game with their pace.
  • On the other hand, Tokai launched a offense with quick passing, but could not get into a circle easily.
  • 20th min: Sony #20 Yamamoto dribbled from the right side and finally made a pushed shot into a net.
  • made free shots and showed a speedy offense against Tokai.
  • 24th min: Sony #17 Higuma scored the 2nd goal by her reversed shot from a circle top.
  • Just before the end of the first half, Tokai got a PC and shot, but could not get a goal.
  • Even in the 2nd half, Sony got some PCs and held a pace of the game.
  • 45th min: Tokai also got consecutive PC chances, but could not score.
  • 48th min: Sony got a PC and #4 Sakai made her straight shot to shake the net.
  • Although Sony had a pace of the game and Tokai made use of some gaps of Sony, no goals were made.
  • Sony won the game by 3-0.

Official Game Record

Game No.35 13:00  at Kyoto
Coca Cola West Red Sparks – Tenri University Bears
3 2 (1st) 0
1 (2nd) 0
  • From the beginning, the game went on with Coca Cola’s pace.
  • Against their offense, Tenri blocked tenaciously not to let them make a decisive chance.
  • 14th min: Coca Cola #13 Kato dribbled quickly in the right side and came till the end line and passed to #10 Yuda, and she slot it into a net. 
  • 17th min: Coca Cola #13 Kato made a hit shot into the right bottom of a goal to pull Tenri away by the score of 2-0.
  • Tenri aimed for chances from counterattacks, but could not break Coca Cola’s hard defense.
  • Even in the 2nd half, Sony who dominated a ball possession, had a pace of the game.
  • Coca Cola made some chances, but the time passed without goals.
  • On the contrary, Tenri gradually counterattacked from their tenacious defense.
  • 63rd min: Coca Cola #9 Arai dived towards a pass from right side, which led to an additional goal.
  • Finally, Coca Cola won the game by 3-0.

Official Game Record

Game No.34 15:00  at Tochigi
Glaxo Smith Kline Orange United –   Yamanashi Gakuin GROWNING GRIES
2 1 (1st) 0
1 (2nd) 0
  • From the beginning, Glaxo launched an aggressive offense and pressured on Yamanashi.
  • 5th min: In the scramble of the front of a goal, Glaxo got a PS, but it hit the post and could not shake the net.
  • For its part, Yamanashi blocked Glaxo’s offense not to let them a goal.
  • 35th min: Just before the end of the 1st half, Glaxo #8 Katamine made her reversed shot from a circle top to open the score.
  • In the 2nd half, Yamanashi who wants to catch up, launched an offense.
  • 37th&39th min: Yamanashi got PCs from Glaxo’s mistakes, but could not finish shooting due to their receiving mistakes.
  • On the other hand, Glaxo aimed for a chance from a counterattack.
  • 46th min: Glaxo #11 Shibata intercepted a ball and dribbled a long slide. Then,  #10 Matsuura passed to #7 Kitsunezuka, and finally she slot a pass into a net.
  • After that, Glaxo made some good chances, but could not make an additional goal because of their lack of accuracy.
  • Yamanashi also counterattacked from hard defense, but could not make a chance. As it was, Glaxo won the game by 2-0.


Official Game Record

Game No.36 15:00  at Kyoto
Ritumeikan University Hollys – Nanto Ginko SHOOTING STARS
0 0 (1st) 0
0 (2nd) 0
  • From the beginning, both team went back and forth at each other.
  • It was Ritumei that got the first chance.
  • 14th&15th min: Ritumei got PC chances in a row, but could not score.
  • On the other hand, Nanto made chances around #9 Nomura and #10 Otsuka, but could not get a goal.
  • Without any goals, the first half ended.
  • 39th min: The shot made by Nanto was knocked away by GK and hit the post.
  • Towards the end of the game, Nanto increased the time for offense in Ritumei’s position, but could not break through Ritumei’s tenacious defense.
  • Although both team aimed for a goal till the end, the game ended with goalless draw.


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