Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014 – 10th day result (4th section)

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Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014 – 10th day result (4th section)

   We announce the 10th day result of the 4th section in Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014.

Women’s Japan League – Game Results

Official Game Record

Game No.37 12:00  at Tochigi
Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies – Yamanashi Gakuin CROWNING GLORIES
8 3 (1st) 0
5 (2nd) 0
  • Just after the beginning of the game, Sony got a PC, but could not shake a net.
  • 18th min: Sony attacked into Yamanashi’s position and made a shot, and its rebound was slot into a net by #10 Nakashima.
  • 25th min: Sony #10 Nakashima also touched a pass from the right side into the net to extend the lead by 2 goals.
  • Just before the end of the 1st half, Sony embarked on a circle from their fierce offense, and #5 Nakagawa pushed a rebound by #10 Nakajima into the goal.
  • The 1st half ended by 3-0 with Sony’s lead.
  • In the 2nd half, Sony still held a pace of the game.
  • 38th min: Sony got a PC and #4 Sakai scored by her flick shot that shook the left bottom of the net.
  • 45th min: From a passing with a good rhythm, Sony #13 Hayato made a pushed shot to make the score 5-0.
  • 49th min: Sony #8 Fukano responded to a difficult rebound by Yamanashi and made a 6th goal.
  • 50th min: Sony extended the lead by 7 points by #10 Nakashima’s touch against a flick shot from a PC.
  • 65th min: Yamnashi also got a PC, but could not make a goal.
  • 70th min: Sony #4 Sakai made a flick shot into the left bottom of the goal and Sony finally won by a big margin of 7 goal difference.


Official Game Record

Game No.39 12:00  at Kyoto
Nanto Ginko SHOOTING STARS – Tenri University Bears
1 0 (1st) 0
1 (2nd) 0
  • In the beginning of the game, Nanto got a PC, but could not score. However, Nanto got a pace of the game by this PC chance.
  • For its part, Tenri who spent more time for defense, aimed for a chance around #9 Tsujii and #10 Emura. 
  • Both team had some chances, but the 1st half ended with goalless.
  • Even in the 2nd half, the game went on with Nanto’s pace.
  • 43rd min: Nanto got the 7th PC chance on the day, and #4 Katori touched a pass from #5 Katsuyama into the net to open the score.
  • 53rd min: Tenri #15 Takayama who received a pass at a circle top, made a reversed shot, but it went away from the goal.
  • Nanto who aimed for an additional goal, had a decisive chance 1 by 1 with GK, but it was blocked finely by GK.
  • The game ended as it was, and Nanto won the game by 1-0.

Official Game Record

Game No.38 14:00  at Tochigi
Glaxo Smith Kline Orange United – Tokai Gakuin University
5 1 (1st) 0
4 (2nd) 2
  • 3rd min: Glaxo got a PC and #3 Banda opened the score by her hit shot.
  • Among hard offense and defense of both, Tokai who wanted to catch up, got a PC, but could not score.
  • After that, Tokai had many chances to carry a ball in front of a goal, but they were blocked by Glaxo’s hard defense.
  • 35th min: Tokai got a PC, but could not score, and the 1st half ended by 1-0 with Glaxo’s lead.
  • 44th min: Tokai got a PS and then #9 Shimizu made a goal to go back to the beginning.turn the game around.
  • 48th min: Tokai who got a wave of the game, #11 Morita made a goal from the right side offense and turned the game around.
  • 52nd min: Glaxo who wants to stop Tokai’s good pace, #8 Katamine slot the rebound from a free hit of a set play into the net and evened the score by 2-2.
  • 56th min: Glaxo also got a PC and #6 Nakauji slot a rebound from a hit shot into the goal and again turned the game around.
  • 58th min: Glaxo #7 Kitsunezuka extended the lead by 2 goals by her shot from the left side.
  • Tokai launched offenses many times, but could not score.
  • 70th min: Just before the end of the game, Glaxo #11 Shibata decided the game by her loop shot to decide a game


Official Game Record

Game No.40 14:00  at Kyoto
Ritumeikan University Hollys – Coca Cola West Red Sparks
0 0 (1st) 2
0 (2nd) 3
  • 6th min: Coca Cola #13 Kato who received a pass at a circle top, dribbled past DF and shot, whose rebound was slot into a goal by #9 Arai.
  • 11st min: From a PC, Coca Cola #4 Asai made a goal into the right bottom of the goal to extend the lead by 2 goals.
  • 19th min: Ritumei passed to the right wing skillfully and passed towards the goal, but could not respond to it well.
  • In the end of the 1st half, Coca Cola had 3 consecutive PC chances, but could not make an additional goal before Ritumei DF’s tenacious defense.
  • Even in the 2nd half, Coca Coal dominated the game.
  • From the beginning of the 2nd half, Coca Cola got consecutive PC chances.
  • 41st min: Coca Cola #19 Kanefuji touched a sharp sweep into a net to make the score 3-0.
  • Ritumei who took one goal back, carried a ball to the front line, but could not make a decisive chance before Cocla Cola’s hard defense.
  • After that, Coca added 2 goals and won the game by 5-0.


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